Life in the Pit

50. The Collins Boy: A New Musical - Brad Bass and Cari Joy, writers

May 21, 2021

5 years ago, the host of this podcast, David Lane, was invited to be the arranger and later the musical director for The Collins Boy. Working with the writers Brad Bass and Cari Joy, working with actors like Lisa Howard, Tony Galde, and Russell Fisher, and playing for audiences in NYC and Atlanta have been one of the best experiences!  Brad is no stranger to Broadway.  He was on-stage for a decade with WickedMemphis, and Jersey Boys. Eventually, he left NYC to focus on teaching and becoming a writer.  His long-time writing partner, Cari Joy, is a songwriter, pianist, and teacher.  This is a musical that is still being developed, but set a crowd record at the 2019 Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival.  We talk about that show from where it started to where it's gone to where it's going!


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